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Straight To Your Heart originated after many years of working in the field of horses  assisting them in healing naturally. Yvonne became intrigued around the epidemic of heart disease particularily for women when she learned of the 2002 WHI (Women's Health Initiative Studies) while at the same time learning of the PMU mare and foals challenge of living a life they were never met to endure.  It was through these new learnings Yvonne created the Stright To Your Heart web site. Yvonne is a CESMT; Certified Equine Shiatsu Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Vita Flex & Raindrop Therapy Practitioner. She has taken courses with veterinarians and other related natural health care practitioners to enhance her knowledge of natural healing for both animals and people alike.

Yvonne found her greatest challenge and lessons learned while working with her own Thoroughbred horse which she rescued after two years of an unsuccessful racing career in 1991. With only a short amount of time invested in working with horses, Yvonne committed to stepping up to the plate to learn how to heal him naturally when immune system issues and chronic lameness problems occurred. Yvonne’s achievement of healing her horse naturally led her down many different roads of study for natural healing for both animials and people alike. Yvonne's passion for helping horses led her down a path in 2007 where she founded Voice For The Horse and Horses Help Kids; which is registered as a sole proprietor in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. Horses Help Kids is a business based on philanthropy which tackles chronic societal problems with sustainable solutions

Today, I have taken on the opportunity to become an Independent Distributor for Glissandra™ Skin Care - a simple 3-Step Skincare System, that is the first skincare regimen to safely and effectively target the root cause of skin aging: mitochondrial decay, by harnessing the healing powers of the Schisandra berry. Glissandra™ is hailed as the first bioceutical skincare regime to effectively reduce the visible signs of skin aging and promote its healthy appearance and overall skin health. Glissandra™ has also just pre-launched their amazing supplement that does for the internal organs what the skincare line does for the skin. Glissandra™ is a proudly owned and operated Canadian company and is steadfast in its commitment to providing advanced skincare and is hailed as the first bioceutical skincare regimen to effectively reduce the visible signs of skin aging and promote the healthy appearance of skin.

Love Our Philanthropy! .


  March -May 2012 - In our effort to create awareness for Voice For The Horse, Yvonne Allen, founder of the project stepped up to the plate and personally completed a 60 Day Bikram Hot Yoga Challenge! Not only did she commit to 60 days straight of this Intense and HOT workout, she also included a series of doubles for the grand total of 80 classes in two months!
“Health is one of our most prized possessions; we need to respect this and invest in our own personal wellness”. ~ Yvonne Allen   

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