Heart & Stroke Team Spirit Award

 Heart & Stroke Team Spirit Award ~ July 3, 2008

 Yvonne: "I would like to personally thank you and your team for putting your heart into it and making our Big Bike the success it is for 2008! Your team spirit was outstanding and of course resulted in you winning the team award for the day. We are pleased to announce that we have exceeded our goal of $73,000.00 and are now at $95,000.00 to date. Your teams hard work and commitment to our foundation was truly amazing and we look forward to seeing you in 2009! Congratulations!"

Karen Sidhu - Heart & Stroke Foundation ~ Surrey. B.C. Canada Branch

 Get Ready To Ride!! 

Heart & Stroke Foundation 2008 Big Bike Fundraiser - June 11, 2008

The day was slightly overcast with signs of rain on the way but this did not deter the committed hearts that showed up and participated in exceeding our fundraising goal of $3000.00 for The Heart & Stroke Foundation! Granted to the At Ease Body Care Big Bike 2008 Team from the Heart & Stroke Foundation was the Team Spirit Award! Thanks to all the

Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel employees and other committed individuals who participated. A special thanks goes out to Diane Lewin (Director of Human Resources from the Sheraton) for taking the pics! I promise next years event to exceed all that we achieved this year!


Just to note: as I was busy working on my fundraising for the Big Bike, numerous friends and associates wondered why I would coordinate an event such as this. I would make attempts to share what it meant to me but found that it was just something I couldn't really explain unless someone actually had the time to sit down and listen to my reasoning. Attached is the Team Letter I sent out to all of my members which explains my intention and the big "why" behind doing what I was doing. To view, please click here to read my Letter of Intent.

To learn about the little horse that inspired Yvonne to participate in the Big Bike 2008, click here to read Angel's Story. 

Meet the Smiling Happy Faces of VFTH Mascot's Angel and Mischief! This brother and sister team are both by-product foals of the pharmaceutical industry. Today they are two of the happiest horses I have ever met, they are both very special!

News Update!

The Heart Truth campaign was officially launched Feb. 4 2008 by the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation to alert women that heart disease and stroke are their leading cause of death. While heart disease and stroke kill one in three Canadian women, only one in eight know that it’s their most serious health concern. The Heart Truth, a national health educational campaign, aims to bridge this knowledge gap for Canadian women and healthcare practitioners. 



Go Red For Women was launched in 2004 in the United States. There dress is a little bit different but the message is the same...there are no borders when it comes to heart disease. Their web site is very exciting as it shares the accomplishments women have achieved since they have joined up on the program. Take the time to check it out and share in the excitement of learning what it is we can do for ourselves now that this information is available for all women across North America! 



   ♥  Make a Promise to Love and Protect Your Heart Today 



Take a moment, close your eyes. Put your hand on your heart. Think about its beat – the power of your life in your hands – how important your heart is. By loving your own heart, you can save it. When women learn to love their heart, they can appreciate their health, their life and their loved ones. If women make and keep a promise to be heart-healthy, we can wipe out heart disease.


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