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Much has been learned about detoxification of the body since The Lemonade Diet or Master Cleanse as some know it to be, that came about well over 30 years ago. Having trained with Tom Wolyshyn author of the book "The Complete Master Cleanse" Yvonne learned not only the benefits of the Master Cleanse but the correct way to successfully master this diet. Yvonne has also studied the Vita Flex Technique and Color Therapy as taught and passed on by the creator of the Master Cleanse, Stanley Burroughs, author of the book "Healing for the Age of Enlightment". Essential Oils  used aromatically and for massage are used extensively with both the Vita Flex and Color Therapy. If you wish to detox your body, lose weight, rejuvenate your health, increase your energy while helping balance your pH levels, Contact Yvonne for more information. Yvonne provides one on one coaching for individuals who wish to improve their lifestyles through the work of diet, exercise as well as working with Positive Affirmations and Creative Visualization Techniques for personal empowerment. 

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