Achieve Your Dreams

With a strong passion for personal and professional development for not only our youth as we encourage in our Mission Statement at Horses Help KIds, Yvonne also hopes to encourage those from all walk of life and of all ages, to never stop growing or learning too. Yvonne is pleased to be an Ambassador for Make Your Mark - a leading edge company transforming the lives of thousands through their events and training seminars. Yvonne has been following the work of Colin Sprake since 2010 and has most recently enrolled in the Business Essentials Sherpa Program - a program which is guaranteed to help kick start Horses Help Kids in our 1st year in business! It is never too late to pick up and get the training and support you need to be the best you can be in business and if you are just starting up, I would highly recommend this program for you too.
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Next step is to email me and drop me an line and let me know your in! I would love to both support and encourage you in your journey to reach your personal goals and in making your dreams become a reality!

When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Shall Appear

 Achieve Your Dreams ~ Author Unknown

Some of you may have heard about this technique to discover who it is we are and what is our purpose in life, we invite you to sit back to ponder this thought: what is it you most loved about life and were most passionate about as a young teenager, around the age of twelve, thirteen-fourteen? Yvonne's experience was such that she bypassed these questions when hit hard as to who she was and her purpose in life in her late twenties. Instead, what happened to Yvonne unknowingly was that she simply gravitated to that which would forever change her life; the purchase of her first horse who she know's today, had a plan as to the direction Yvonne would need to go, to pursue her life dreams. Hence the creation of Voice For The Horse came about; a project that is currently launched across North America with pro-active solutions to help end the suffering and abuse of our most beloved equine companions. No horse is exempt here as Yvonne believes that each and every horse has a purpose and are showing up in our lives for a reason and we in turn are blessed by their presence.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world ~ Harriet Tubman

A dream that became a reality ~ Voice for The Horse

To further pursue Yvonne's dream after her initial launch of Voice For The Horse came the realization that in order to pursue it further, she would have to step up to the plate to accomodate for the changes that came through during the economic turndown that came about back in 2008. Many beloved horses now became just a number in the stockyards with little opportunity for their lives to be sustained. With statistics showing if the average American had an extra $500 per month to spend, many would have not lost their homes during the recession we have most recently experienced. With this information we now ask "how much more would one need to prevent having to lose ones horse, or in some cases the entire ranch" as an example?

It's hard to beat a person who never gives up ~ Babe Ruth

Yvonne was not deterred knowing that the economic turndown was not a healthy sign for taking on a project such as this although once she recognized her own personal potential in being able to create Voice For The Horse she could not look back. She became unstoppable!! An easy road it was not, however knowing what she had learned through her past studies to be true by mentor/teachers such as Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor to name just a few of her favorite life coaches, Yvonne put into practice her personal power of intention knowing  eventually providence does come forth where doors begin to open with new opportunities. 

 "Change is inevitable and that Personal Growth is a Choice" (Bob Proctor).

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To get started on becoming the best you can be and achieving your dreams, please do not bypass this link!! Click on this link to and you will find many online personal developoment books that you can read for free!! For any of you that do not have the book I most highly recommend for everyone to read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill you can read it hear for free!! Be sure to bookmark it. Have fun and happy reading, to your success!!



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If someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn't need motivation to speed him up. What he needs is education to turn him around ~ Jim Rohn

Motivation Goal Setting ~ By Vic Johnson

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